There are four types of membership of our Society.  Full Membership, Student Membership, Guest Membership and Honorary Membership.


Full Membership

There are three ways to become a full member of the Northern Ireland Psychoanalytic Society –

  • By completing the 4+ year adult psychotherapy training offered by our Society and leading on successful completion to registration with the BPC. Information on this training is available here.

  • By completing training through the Modified Entry Scheme offered by the Northern Ireland Psychoanalytic Society to suitably qualified applicants who seek registration with the BPC. Information on the Modified Entry Scheme is available here.

  • By having completed a training offered by one of the Member Institutions of the BPC and then successfully applying to join the Northern Ireland Psychoanalytic Society. This route may suit those who have come to settle in Ireland north or south and who wish to avail of CPD and other contact with a BPC Member Institution.

Student Membership

  • Students on the 4+ year Northern Ireland Psychoanalytic Society Training in Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy are automatically registered as Student Members of our Association. Further information on this programme is available here.

Guest Membership

  • Guest Membership of our Association is open to those persons who can demonstrate a significant interest in the psychoanalytic approach to understanding the mind.  Normally they will be working in the mental health or associated fields, and they will have attended courses and/or undertaken supervision by a suitably qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

  • Guest Membership status entitles the member to attend during the academic term six lectures on a psychoanalytic theme and to attend the Saturday seminars of a visiting psychoanalyst on a specialist topic, usually three times per term.  Cost of Guest Membership is £450 per year (that can be paid termly in instalments) and further information can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary. Please visit the following link to the contacts page and scroll down to fill in an enquiry to the Hon. Secretary here.

Honorary Membership

  • Honorary Membership of the Northern Ireland Psychoanalytic Society is offered by our Executive Committee to persons who have made a significant contribution to psychoanalytic work and understanding in their career to date.

  • Rather than applying for this type of membership, nominations are put forward usually by full members and these nominations are assessed by the various relevant committees of the Northern Ireland Psychoanalytic Society.